Post Construction

Every construction process is unique and it depends on the scope and complexity of the project. But each time a sustainable house is built, the process follows typical steps, and the ideologies are similar for smaller-scale projects like renovations. Looking for the best Florida construction company for your Post construction need? Here is the best solution. AM CONSTRUCTIONS has a deep understanding of the causes and impacts of construction risks. Whatever the project size, from reworking and refurbishment of existing buildings to master planning and building on a Greenfield site, we bring end-to-end construction solutions for every project we deliver.

Our teams are extremely skilled at working within operating or trading environments, ensuring that construction works cause minimum disruption to our client’s ongoing activities.

We focus on delivering building projects under a process where we take total responsibility for the project from the beginning through to the end.

How do you know if a building’s design, Construction will “work” once it’s built? We enhance the straight design and construction process to deliver buildings that work better from day one. Easy-to-use and relaxed to occupy, Soft Landings means lower running and maintenance costs.


To take the responsibility off your shoulders, our post-construction services lead you seamlessly towards handing over the project to one very satisfied customer.

Site visit: We will assess the scale of the job before providing a complete and fully customized quote.

Preparation: With effectiveness at the forefront of our work, our organized team will ensure that we’re equipped with all the right tools and products before heading to the site. We have careful processes in place that are tailored to the application for professional outcomes.

Handover project: We strive to make the lead-up to handover as whole as possible while doing your handy work justice.

Post-construction cleaning

Leaving Every Surface 100% Smudge, Stain, and Spec Free!

We generally work in a clockwise rotation, we clean and dust all components including fans, light switches, and skirting. Whether it is surface dust or sticky fingerprints, we will leave no trace that trades were ever there. As we move through, we also keep an eye out for any marks on the newly painted walls to make sure the space is nice and vibrant come time to move in.

As part of our standard service, we provide complete inspections and reports. Any defects we come across, whether it be as minor as a chip or scratch, are recognized both visually and in report form through our job app. If we trip across any large-scale issues during post-construction cleaning, we notify the Project Manager immediately.

The post-construction phase is the last and main step in any build. This phase includes site clean-up, client walk-through, final inspections, and move-in coordination.

After the completion of each project, we have the last walkthrough to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Choose us for your post-construction services and see the results for yourselves!

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