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AM CONSTRUCTION is a Florida-based construction company that has a team of skilled labor, modern machines & technology that can assure you a high quality of the building. We help to identify the client’s needs and ideas, in pre-construction, we offer preliminary planning and engineering services before any construction job initiates. This pre-construction planning stage involves defining the project, identifying potential issues, planning, and scheduling, the scope, cost estimation, and analysis of the job's needs.

We assist in getting all of your applications and services are done for you, with our several years of experience in building throughout the USA, our team can provide some valuable advice regarding the building & construction part.

The pre-construction system in itself offers a great advantage to the clients & it is a feasible and efficient alternative to conventional buildings. Our company has earned huge acceptance across Florida as the most trusted construction company.

Some of the distinct advantages include:
  • Durability - weather-resistant, earthquake resistant
  • Value - Low primary investment, low maintenance costs
  • Environment friendly - All of our materials can be recycled
  • Flexible - Easy to expand and is easy to set up and change
  • Faster - Reduced construction time
  • Aesthetics - Gives the construction engineer enough flexibility to create unique structures

Modern construction practice and is a part of the broader construction project management. Pre-construction is the first phase of the overall construction planning, coordination, and control of a construction job. Pre-construction aims to nail down the planning of the construction and give the client a complete picture of what their job is going to look like, how it is going to get done, and when every characteristic of the project will be completed.

Our Florida construction company pre-construction is used to appoint a design and build contractor to carry out services before entering into a formal building contract. It is sometimes is used in two-stage tendering to obtain further design input, buildability advice, technical advice, and detailed costs information from a prospective contractor.

We offer the best pre-construction services from the earliest project planning stages through project completion


The reason behind our AM CONSTRUCTION, Florida construction company triumph is its work approach. Visibility and Versatility are the quests for its dynamism.

Our Pre-construction teams will review every phase of project design and engage in value engineering and/or analysis from project inception through completion, and review plans and specifications in search of excessive costs and opportunities for design improvements. In the process of value engineering, we will recognize the design and/or construction methodology that improves the economics of the project and make appropriate recommendations to the project team.


During this pre-construction phase, we help our clients to find the entire project flow to avoid any further hassle. The pre-construction phase should give both our teams a clear outline to follow during the job and will have the resources and the opportunity to educate our clients on what they will need to do to make their project functional and expect it to cost. This process helps the client better understand the project before they even commit to any work being done.

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Our Pre-construction services go well beyond just estimating what a project will cost. They include everything from an initial client meeting to plans, scheduling construction process, studies, value engineering, permitting, land acquisition, and more.

Our pre-construction services teams initiate the preparation of the resource-loaded construction schedule, identifying and analyzing critical dates and durations of project tasks and deliveries concerning key project milestone dates. Beginning in the pre-construction phase, we will provide updates, including projected cash flows, throughout the entire project. During the pre-construction phase, we will evaluate these specifications (overview of Pre-Construction)

  • Meeting to discuss the project
  • Planning the design
  • Scope of project
  • Constructability analysis and review
  • Cost estimating and control
  • Scheduling, phasing, and logistics
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Material procurement
  • Risk management

We take pride in every aspect of the work we do; this permits us to use our time and the client’s time in a professional that will create a respectful, lively, and long-lasting relationship with each other.


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